Lynn Johnston Productions

Fish Block Panel

The Fish Block Panels are like little windows into the sea—like looking at the ocean floor through the portholes of an elaborate, blue submarine. Each window tells a different tale…or tail!

Fish & Coral

This pattern is similar to Tossed Shells in colour palette and layout, but it is unique because of the use of coral and fish. The shading of the sand gives it a slightly rippled appearance—as is common in shallow water. The ripples, along with the positioning of the plants, create a subtle movement that is so appealing.

Seaweed Stripe

When creating designs using the sea floor as inspiration, horizontal stripes are natural and sensical, that’s why this pattern is refreshing and uplifting—perhaps it is the bubbles! The vertical seaweed is certainly reminiscent of kelp beds, which are naturally filled with a variety of sea life.

Ocean Floor Stripe

This stripe pattern is the Fish Border offset and repeated. There are some subtle but funny things happening within these lines.

Fish Border

Our fish border is more than just a border—it is a story of under water interaction! The coral gives this pattern a soft and appealing feel, but then the relationship between the goofy fish and sea creatures really makes this border unique!

Fish Collage

This beautifully coloured Fish Collage was one of Lynn’s first surface designs, and it's still one of our favourites! There is always something new to discover in this complex cluster of creatures.

Teeth & Bubbles

Have you ever wondered what the Tooth Fairy does with all of the teeth she collects? Have you ever wondered how they are transported by such a tiny beings? Well, we’re not sure where they go, but we do know how they get there...thanks to this fun accent pattern of teeth and bubbles!


This light and airy bubble pattern has a surprising amount of colour within each bubble. Lynn has worked to ensure these bubbles mimic the gassy iridescence of soap bubbles. This pattern would make a lovely pairing with any pastel.

Tossed Tooth Fairies

This pattern of male and female tooth fairies has almost a zig zag feel. This pattern would be perfect for the dental office­­—in particular, dental scrub uniforms.

Ocean Ripple

When looking at Ocean Ripple, it is easy to imagine that these fish are riding the East Australian Current. They are off on an adventure, but where and why? Whatever the reason, they are happy to be en-route to an exciting and new destination!