Lynn Johnston Productions

Farm Block Panel

This large Farm Block Panel offers a number of windows into possible life on a farm. With the rich red barn board, and the mottled gold frame, these fun and surprising panels pop right off of the page. This is the central pattern of what will eventually be a rather large group of sub-collections—each one focusing on a different, stereotypical farm animal.

Easter Egg Check

Easter Egg Check, with both decorated and hatching eggs, will brighten even the gloomiest day. The rope borders tie in nicely with those around the blocks of the Nesting Boxes pattern.

Tossed Easter Eggs

Lynn has drawn so many fun and beautifully decorated eggs for this collection that we just had to give them the respect they deserve by making a pattern of just Easter Eggs. The two-tone teal Wood Grain background is a nice addition to this pattern.

Tossed Easter Bunnies

Being the Easter Bunny can be a stressful job, so every once in a while the Easter Bunny and his staff let loose and have a little fun. These colourful Tossed Easter Bunnies look like they are truly savoring every playful moment here.

Nesting Boxes

All year long the Easter Bunny is busily preparing beautiful Easter eggs for the big day. Have you ever wondered how he makes all of those eggs? Well, in Easter Nesting Boxes, of course!

Farm Animals

When thinking of a farm, it’s hard not to imagine the quintessential setting: the red barn, the open skies, vast green fields, crops of golden wheat swaying in the wind, weathered fencing lining the horizon, and a menagerie of animals basking and grazing in the sun. If this is what you imagine, too, then this quirky collection will not disappoint!


After a long, cold winter, everyone is anxious for spring to arrive, and with spring’s arrival, comes the Easter Bunny! The other big event that comes along in the Spring is Surtex, “The Leading Marketplace to Source Art and Design,” and we will be there! So, if you would like to see the rest of this perfectly perky pastel pack of patterns in person, hop on down to see us at booth 2638 from May 20th to 21st.