Lynn Johnston Productions

Skeletons & Bones Silhouette

Skeletons and Bones is one of our favorite patterns in the Skeleton Collection. There is something about the nature of the silhouettes and the mottled teal background colour—together they draw the viewer in and through the skeletons, almost inviting the viewer into a different dimension.

Vertical Climbing Skeletons

Sometimes you just need a little leg up, and these whimsical skeletons are more than happy to lend a hand. They are eagerly climbing up bone tunnels. One can only image where they are coming from and where they are heading —with such big smiles.

Happy Halloween Skeletons

This stripe has a surprisingly fluid and flowing design, despite the fact that it’s made with skeletons and bones! These active skeletons are truly having a Happy Halloween!

Dancing Skeletons

Dancing is one type of exercise that everyone can do. And besides being fun, it keeps us healthy and young at heart. These skeletons seem to be having a great time dancing away the night without a care in the world—what a great feeling!

Happy Halloween Skeletons

Happy skeletons dancing on happy Halloween! We just love the teal gradation in this pattern…it ties in beautifully with all of the other patterns in this collection.


This cheerful Skeleton Collection is a refreshing change from your typical black and white skeleton theme. The use of teal, along with the happy nature of the skeletons, make this collection really stand out.