Lynn Johnston Productions

Robot Spring Stripe

This Robot Spring Strip might just be a scene from inside a giant factory where a variety of robot-related items are being manufactured. Each row appears to be in motion—as if it is being pulled along by a vacuum or some other force in an endless assembly line.

Robot Border

Robot Border gives us a glimpse into what it is like on the surface of this robot world. It appears to be a very active place full of odd and interesting characters busily going about their day.

Robot Block Panel

This Robot Block Panel really sets the stage for the entire Robot Collection. Each scene is so clever and heart warming; each tells a different story, and offers a number of directions for where this collection could go. Robot patterns are fairly common and popular these days, but one would be hard pressed to find a Robot collection quite as creative as this one!

Teeth & Bubbles

Have you ever wondered what the Tooth Fairy does with all of the teeth she collects? Have you ever wondered how they are transported by such a tiny beings? Well, we’re not sure where they go, but we do know how they get there...thanks to this fun accent pattern of teeth and bubbles!

Star Wands

Have you ever wished upon a star? What if you could capture a star and use it's magical powers to grant more wishes? This is certainly possible in the fairy world, although the stars are so powerful that they must be held on a stick or they will burn the fairies’ hands! This soft Star Wands pattern is reminiscent of the night sky.


The inspiration for Lynn's Fairy Collection came from her granddaughter, who had a fairy door in her bedroom when she was five years old, and believed that she had her very own fairy living with her. This fun collection includes bubble-blowing fairies, tooth fairies, an elaborate fairy village, and more. The variety of characters and colours make this collection suitable for boys and girls of all ages!


Inspired by high-school robotics students, her curious grandson, and the changing world around us, Lynn has created a series of fun and funny robot characters, spaceships, and aliens. These odd little beings cheerfully work together to draw us into a whole new world, or onto a whole new planet!