Lynn Johnston Productions

Vertical Farm Tools

This vertical stripe of growing corn and garden tools offers a nice break from the silly nature of the rest of the Farm Collection. This one sophisticated pattern somehow brings the entire collection up a notch; a small notch but still a notch worth noting!

Sheep Jumping Fences

One can’t help but be compelled to count sheep when looking at this pattern of sheep joyfully jumping over fences. The soft, cloudy, mottled blue background adds to the tranquil effect that counting sheep should have—although, these particular sheep look like they are up to no good and they have just been caught in the act!

Cow Pies

Who would have “gassed” that the creation of the emoji would make poop a trendy theme? From stuffed toys to jewellery, poop is making its way into every aspect of our lives—whether we like it or not. Surprisingly, it doesn’t look like this fad is going to fade anytime soon. That’s good news for us, because we have just the thing to take this fad to the next level: Cow Pies! Complete with daisies, buzzing flies, and “whifferoons,” this pattern has so much more to offer than just plain old poo!

Cows & Fences

This sweet horizontal Cows & Fences stripe is another of our favourites here at LJP. These cows are truly enjoying a beautiful day. What could make it better? Well, that green grass on the other side of the fence, of course!

Farm Block Panel

This large Farm Block Panel offers a number of windows into possible life on a farm. With the rich red barn board, and the mottled gold frame, these fun and surprising panels pop right off of the page. This is the central pattern of what will eventually be a rather large group of sub-collections—each one focusing on a different, stereotypical farm animal.


This densely packed foliage has an almost scalloped appearance. The variety of green shades makes this pattern very versatile and complimentary to many patterns in this collection and other LJP collections.