Lynn Johnston Productions


This densely packed foliage has an almost scalloped appearance. The variety of green shades makes this pattern very versatile and complimentary to many patterns in this collection and other LJP collections.

Cascading Flowers

These cascading vines of various flowers are a rich and sophisticated accompaniment to the LJP Fairy collection. The dark blue background really allows the softly coloured flowers to pop off of the page.

Tossed Yellow Lilies

These yellow lilies feel like they are exploding open—ready to catch the sun and brighten the darkest of days. The dark blue background and subtle light blue flower help to balance the colour-rich lilies, making them almost jump out of the art.

Fairy Village

The Fairy Village pattern has to be one of our favourites here at LJP. With so much detail, it's easy to look at this again and again and see something new each time. This is a truly magical and enchanting place!