Lynn Johnston Productions

Tossed Santas

This might just be the cheeriest Christmas pattern that has ever existed. Who could possibly resist these fabulous, funny, and festive fellows!

Season’s Greetings Trees

One of our favourite aspects of this Christmas collection is the colour palette—our colourist, Kevin, has done a spectacular job of choosing non-traditional Christmas colours. In this particular pattern, the variations of teal really allow the ornaments and the trees to stand out—it's Christmasy without the bright greens and reds that we are accustomed to (and quite possibly tired of) seeing at this festive time of year.

Christmas Chimney Block Panel

Here at LJP, we are really proud of our design team. Every collection is a collaboration, and this Christmas Collection, more specifically, this Christmas Chimney Block Panel, is a great example of everyone’s unique talents coming together to create something wonderful. With Lynn’s signature drawing style, Kevin’s creative colour palette, and Deb’s panache for patterns, this block panel is truly unique and just a whole lot of fun. There is so much going on here that it will take the viewer a while to notice all of the details—like how the blocks form a large chimney…that was Deb’s idea!

Fairies & Ladders

Snakes and ladders? How about Fairies and Ladders! This unique pattern could be part of a new game. One could imagine that this is the world that exists on the other side of a child’s fairy door…the ladders allow the fairies to easily maneuver from one area of the world to another. What lies beyond the blue background? That's the real question!

Fairy Block Panel

This fairy block panel has been designed with the dimensions of a crib quilt in mind, however, the deep blue and plum colours work nicely to give the fairy patterns a much more sophisticated look and feel.

Fairy Village

The Fairy Village pattern has to be one of our favourites here at LJP. With so much detail, it's easy to look at this again and again and see something new each time. This is a truly magical and enchanting place!


The inspiration for Lynn's Fairy Collection came from her granddaughter, who had a fairy door in her bedroom when she was five years old, and believed that she had her very own fairy living with her. This fun collection includes bubble-blowing fairies, tooth fairies, an elaborate fairy village, and more. The variety of characters and colours make this collection suitable for boys and girls of all ages!


Christmas is a favourite time of year for us here at LJP—we love searching for that perfect gift, then wrapping it up with matching paper and ribbons to transform it into a beautiful, irresistible package. But, let's face it...people are getting harder and harder to shop for these days, so what could be better than the gift of laughter? The LJP Christmas Collection is full of jolly characters—not just Santa! What would (commercialized) Christmas be without reindeer, angels, elves, Christmas trees, candy canes, gifts, wreaths and, of course, Mr. & Mrs. Claus!