Lynn’s Process & Design Team

Lynn begins each design with a pencil rough, which is inked in, and then scanned in high resolution. This gives us a black and white pattern, which can then be coloured, and used in an infinite number of ways. Although Lynn has created all of the art for the patterns herself, she has a team of people behind her who are essential for this endeavor to be a success.


Katie Hadway

Katie is the Executive Director for LJP, a graduate of Emily Carr University of Art + Design, and she is also Lynn’s daughter. She has been working for Lynn full-time for about 8 years. She is responsible for all things business, and oversees much of the art process.


Kevin Strang

Kevin is an independent graphic designer. He is the owner of x-Height Graphics. Kevin has been working as Lynn’s colourist for many years now. His outstanding colour sense, knowledge of the design and printing industry, and his easy-going nature, make working with Kevin an absolute joy for Lynn.


Deborah Peyton

Deborah is an illustrator, cartoonist, and a fellow member of the National Cartoonist Society (NCS). Lynn and Deborah connected at an NCS event a few years ago, and began to discuss the possibility of creating patterns for licensing. With Deb’s background as a cartoonist and a fabric designer for quilting, it certainly seemed like serendipity for the two artists to come together. It was Deb who introduced Lynn to Surtex. They attended the 2016 Surtex show in New York. It was evident to both Lynn and Deb that the show was lacking cartoon-related designs. Perhaps this meant that there was space for Lynn and her art. This was certainly the turning point for Lynn’s designs. Deborah has brought Lynn’s work to a whole new level. She has been working tirelessly over the past year to turn Lynn’s collage patterns into funny and fantastic collections—which we showcased for the first time at Surtex in May 2017. We are constantly amazed at what Deb comes up with, and we are grateful to her for coming along on this journey with us.