Lynn Johnston Productions

Vertical Farm Tools

This vertical stripe of growing corn and garden tools offers a nice break from the silly nature of the rest of the Farm Collection. This one sophisticated pattern somehow brings the entire collection up a notch; a small notch but still a notch worth noting!

Farm Block Panel

This large Farm Block Panel offers a number of windows into possible life on a farm. With the rich red barn board, and the mottled gold frame, these fun and surprising panels pop right off of the page. This is the central pattern of what will eventually be a rather large group of sub-collections—each one focusing on a different, stereotypical farm animal.

Tossed Brooms & Bugs

Tossed Brooms and Bugs could quite possibly be something that you would find under the bed of a not-so-tidy witch. It’s difficult to know exactly how many brooms a witch may own, but there is a collector out there for just about everything, so why not brooms and bugs?!

Tossed Cats & Bats

These cats sure look as though they have seen better days…something has them upset! Perhaps it’s the bats; who wouldn’t be out of sorts with that many bats flying around?! We love the use of purple in this pattern—it is a nice deviation from traditional Halloween colours.

Witches, Brooms & Bikes

Rural and urban witches unite here in Witches, Brooms & Bikes! Don’t you just love the idea of a witch on a bicycle? Who knows how well it would fly…but if it worked for E.T., anything is possible!

Halloween Block Pattern

The boxes of Halloween Block Pattern are like windows into the secret lives of ghouls, ghosts, and creatures of the night that come out to frolic and play on Hallows’ Eve. Are they up to no good? Well, that’s for you to decide!


Lynn has always loved Halloween—the characters, the costumes, the creativity! Generally, Halloween-themed designs tend to be more on the scary side, so it was a joy for Lynn to sit down and dream up some not-so-scary scarecrows, witches, ghosts, and other Halloween creatures. Each character has a story to tell, and each character has been lovingly drawn by Lynn with freedom, animation and expression. This collection is not your typical Halloween collection…perhaps that’s why we like it so much!

Farm Animals

When thinking of a farm, it’s hard not to imagine the quintessential setting: the red barn, the open skies, vast green fields, crops of golden wheat swaying in the wind, weathered fencing lining the horizon, and a menagerie of animals basking and grazing in the sun. If this is what you imagine, too, then this quirky collection will not disappoint!