Lynn Johnston Productions

Teeth & Bubbles

Have you ever wondered what the Tooth Fairy does with all of the teeth she collects? Have you ever wondered how they are transported by such a tiny beings? Well, we’re not sure where they go, but we do know how they get there...thanks to this fun accent pattern of teeth and bubbles!

Tossed Tooth Fairies

This pattern of male and female tooth fairies has almost a zig zag feel. This pattern would be perfect for the dental office­­—in particular, dental scrub uniforms.

Star Wands

Have you ever wished upon a star? What if you could capture a star and use it's magical powers to grant more wishes? This is certainly possible in the fairy world, although the stars are so powerful that they must be held on a stick or they will burn the fairies’ hands! This soft Star Wands pattern is reminiscent of the night sky.

Fairies & Ladders

Snakes and ladders? How about Fairies and Ladders! This unique pattern could be part of a new game. One could imagine that this is the world that exists on the other side of a child’s fairy door…the ladders allow the fairies to easily maneuver from one area of the world to another. What lies beyond the blue background? That's the real question!

Fairies & Bugs Stripe

The fairies and bugs in this pattern seem as though they are part of a marching band or a parade. They are on their way to someplace exciting, musical and magical. If only we could join them!

Fairies and Bubbles

This diagonal stripe of flying fairies and floating bubbles is soft, sweet and cheerful. These lovely ladies make fairy-life look as though it is joyous and carefree—who wouldn’t want to spend their days flying in a sea of beautiful bubbles?

Fairy Block Panel

This fairy block panel has been designed with the dimensions of a crib quilt in mind, however, the deep blue and plum colours work nicely to give the fairy patterns a much more sophisticated look and feel.

Fairy Village

The Fairy Village pattern has to be one of our favourites here at LJP. With so much detail, it's easy to look at this again and again and see something new each time. This is a truly magical and enchanting place!


The inspiration for Lynn's Fairy Collection came from her granddaughter, who had a fairy door in her bedroom when she was five years old, and believed that she had her very own fairy living with her. This fun collection includes bubble-blowing fairies, tooth fairies, an elaborate fairy village, and more. The variety of characters and colours make this collection suitable for boys and girls of all ages!